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Doug James is the owner and creator behind JDJ International, the company producing the C.E.D, “S” Series, and Violett and Gabby lines of fashion dolls. Always on the move, he has also created numerous one-of-a-kind dolls. His dolls can be found all over the world. Many of his fashion dolls, some award winning, have appeared in venues unusual in the fashion doll world and have, of course, graced a variety of magazine covers in and outside of the USA. Doug is arguably the most prolific fashion doll designer in the country.   

 JDJ International has been in business for over fourteen years. Prior to forming his own company, Doug worked with a variety of well known doll companies like Ashton Drake and Madam Alexander.

Doug’s been in the doll business for a very long time and and an avid doll collector for even longer! The great thing for you is he thinks it’s time to let go of some of them!  

Some of the dolls in his private collection represent his work, other’s were created by other talented designers, some dolls have been restored, some are antiques, a few are prototypes, and some are entirely unique in sculpt and dress. He will be selling them here a few at a time in no particular order, with no particular time schedule. Check back often. You may find that wonderfully unique doll or accessory you’ve been looking for!  

Private Collection” sales are handled through JDJ International.

If you have questions about a particular item email Doug. Please include the item number. EMAIL


Item #41. Cara in Baby Doll. (CED Fashion Sample Doll) $95.00

Doug Comments: We did Baby Doll Cara as a very limited doll. Very limited dolls are always difficult because you’re putting in all the same effort of designing, making samples, finding fabrics and trims, etc., but selling very few of them. The advantage is that you can often use special fabrics and trims. In that way they can become very special. The leopard bodice and the black silk taffeta skirt of Baby Doll were both vintage fabrics of amazing quality. I would not have been able to use them anywhere else.

Outfit Description: Green eyed Cara has shoulder length honey brown hair with highlights. Her Baby Doll styled dress is black silk taffeta with a leopard print velveteen bodice. The bodice is lined with pink silk and has vintage pink sequins and beads decorating it. The dress is fully lined, closes with a tiny zipper and has a pink tulle petticoat. She has a matching black silk stole lined with pink satin and black platform shoes that lace up to her knee. She has a gold tiered necklace with gold coins and pink beads that tie with a deep pink organdy ribbon with a matching bracelet and earrings. Her black leatherette bag is lined, closes with a zipper and is decorated with hand done pink organdy rosettes and a gold chain handle woven with pink.

Item #58. Cissy in Pocahontas by Madam Alexander. Prototype. $205.00

Doug’s Comment: This was the last Cissy I did for Madam Alexander. By this time I had decided to do important American women. Madam Alexander was just starting to use deeper skin tones for Cissy, and, as with our CED line and Violett and Gabby (Willow and Daisy too), I am about continuing to bring diversity into the Fashion doll world.

Pocahontas could be considered the first truly important American woman and I thought a Cissy depicting her to be very appropriate. There have been many dolls and figures over the years depicting Pocahontas in various authentic (and not so authentic) faux leathers, feathers, beads and fur. I remembered that Pocahontas was brought to England ultimately and was even introduced at court. In researching I found at least one fanciful painting of her being presented. A bit more research into the court clothes of that period gave me a style. The patterns and colors of the fabrics were things that I imagined she would like and looked beautiful with her coloring.

I honestly can't remember now if, in my research I found that she presented a peace pipe to the court or if was something I liked to think she might do (after all, the English court was fascinated by the "New World" and everything they brought back was treasured). I did do research on artifacts of the time and tried to make the pipe as authentic as possible. Ultimately, I believe it was a limited edition of 200.

Description: Raven haired 21 inch Madam Alexander Cissy Pocahontas is wearing black brocade shoes with rhinestone buckles and gold leather heels, white tights, a boned hooped petticoat, her deep violet colored silk skirt with matching bodice with trim down the front, her burnt orange brocade over robe with gold trim, her wired white collar and her white lace and black velvet head piece. She’ll come with a Madam Alexander catalog from 2003 that has her photo and listing in it.

Item #55. Claire in Portrait in Black. CED Fashion Doll. $95.00

Doug’s Comment: When I did the original Claire "Portrait" doll it was, what I would call, "heavily inspired by" the John Singer Sarget painting ultimately referred to as Madam X (a fascinating story about that which I won't go into here but if you don't know it, it's worth looking up!) There were many differences from the painting, we made her dress steel blue panne velvet instead of black satin, we added a lace stole (not in the painting) , she's not as pale and her lips have much more color, all things that I felt made a more beautiful doll. The original Claire "Portrait" is really lovely but once she was done and out in the world I also felt I wanted to do a much more direct homage to the painting, so I did the very small secondary edition of "Portrait in Black". She is in many ways the same as the original but her dress is a fine soft black silk satin with a black chiffon drape across the bodice. We made very few of them and an amazing amount of hand work went into them. The shoes alone are unbelievable!! This is the only one I have.

Outfit Description: Her bodice and skirt are black silk and the bodice has a black silk chiffon detail. Claire is resplendent in the 1880’s evening gown with tiny rhinestone straps. Under it she wears cream silk pantalettes, and cream silk and lace petticoat with cream knit stockings. She has black silk pumps with stain bows and a black lace stole that trails to the floor. She has a “diamond” wedding ring and a black, fragrant sandalwood fan and for her hair, a crescent moon shaped rhinestone ornament.

Item #74. Soren in Blue Dragon. “S” Series doll. $410.00

Doug’s Comment: We have very few Sorens and even fewer Soren Blue Dragons. As my personal project the Blue Dragons will only be available here on Private Collection accompanied by the great low price. The wide range of celebrity names that collectors send us about who they think Soren looks like is amazing! He does have that quality about him! We actually didn't design him based on anyone. (Or did we?)

Description: Soren comes with his synthetic mohair wig and earring, grey t-shirt, plaid pants, black sandals and fully lined orange suede hoody with a large dragon embroidery on the back. He comes in his custom leatherette case.

Item #38. Colin in “London Holiday” Sample $129.00

Doug’s Comments: Colin in London Holiday was a very limited doll that sold out very quickly. The fabrics of her dress and her accessories were inspired by the fabric of her bag which was a satin brocade pattern with taupe, peach and blue colors in it. A sample is a doll the factory sent first for approval. It’s exactly the same as the dolls that followed it, except it doesn’t have a numbered certificate.

Outfit Description: Colin is wearing a bias cut taupe silk dress with small satin spots. It's lined in brilliant peach color silk chiffon and the collar is edged with peach glass beads.  She has pearl drop earrings. Her evening shoes are brilliant blue and she comes with a brocade evening bag and a long necklace.


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