Item #90. Klub Afrikan Colin CED fashion doll wearing a grey wool jersey prototype. Complete. $95.00

Doug’s Comments: The grey dress is a hand made sample and a one-of-a-kind. We’re not yet sure if we’ll do more of this dress in the future but even if we do it’ll be in a very small number. The dress is a very rich and fine all wool jersey with tailored details. I like it a lot and Colin looks smashing in it.

Description: Colin is wearing a dark grey wool jersey fitted dress. The outfit is complete with earrings, bracelet, grey leather pumps, a red leather hand bag and stand.

Item #96. Prima Donna Cara Doll wearing “Portrait”. CED Fashion Doll. $89.00 SOLD

Doug’s Comments: Prima Donna Cara was the very first Cara doll with a rather small edition size. This is a sample version. This particular Prima Donna has her hair in one large braid down her back. We were really happy with her fine and soft face paint.

Description: This Prima Donna Cara doll is wearing one of the blue velvet versions of the Claire “Portrait” outfit. The gown was inspired by the John Singer Sargent painting Madam X. The bodice is fully lined and laces up the back with many, many tiny eyelets. The skirt has a long train and extravagant shearing at the back with a large black satin bow.

Item #89. Willow & Daisy Mannequin wearing Trafalger Square outfit. $32.00 SOLD

Description: The Willow & Daisy Mannequin comes with a stand and wearing the Trafalgar Square outfit - a white body suit with a lace ruffle and black bow at the neck, a red skirt and a matching double breasted jacket, red boots and one earring.

Doug’s Comment: With the concept of Willow and Daisy being connected to the London Department Store "Somers and Field" we thought it important to introduce an official Somers and Field Store mannequin. We hoped the mannequin could give collectors an additional way to display their dolls and outfits by creating store window displays. They could be changed for the seasons and holidays. We were just about to create a contest of Somers and Field store window displays by collectors when the L L Knickerbocker company fell into disarray and ultimately closed.

Interesting note ( or not!) I had designed a display case that looked like a Somers and Field store window, with the frame of the case looking like Edwardian London architecture. I built a prototype but it was lost and became another piece never produced. The mannequin was produced and sold although I don’t know how many. It does come with an extra straight arm.

Item #86. Chocolate colored satin ottoman (CED Accessory). SOLD

Doug’s Comment: Beautifully done furniture accessories can be hard to find, delicate and expensive. I have several small scale chairs and I think each one has had a broken leg at one time or another. I wanted our CED chairs and ottomans to be attractive, simple and sturdy. So, you can throw it, kick it or sit on it – I guess I really wouldn’t recommend that part – and I think it also looks great.

Description: The top cushion is pale chocolate colored satin and the bottom a brown/grey tweed. The bottom is black fabric. It is 6 inches high and 7 1/2 inches square. There is a foam cushion on top and the base is also foam.

Doug James’ Private Doll Collection

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Item #83. Gene Outfit. “Crimson Sun”. SOLD

Doug’s Comment: This is the 16" Gene outfit "Crimson Sun" that I designed for Ashton Drake. It is mint and complete and has never been taken out of the box. It is signed by me.