Item# 106. Willow and Daisy Outfit "Captain's Table". SOLD

Note: The vinyl Daisy and Willow dolls and outfits of the late 90’s were produced by the LL Knickerbocker company but designed and created by Doug James and Laura Meisner.

Description: With the Willow and Daisy outfit "Captain's table" the dress is 100% silk as is her tie.

Doug’s Comments: The Willow and Daisy outfits range from the creative and fanciful to what some may refer to as “whacky” in a fun way. Regardless, they were a delight to work on. I lowered price on this last one because the box is damaged.

Doug James’ Private Doll Collection

Item# 136. Beauty and the Beast dolls. Originals by Doug James. Signed. $285.00 for the pair. SOLD

Doug Comment: I began making these Beauty and the Beast dolls in 1981. They were completed and exhibited at the Museum of the City of New York in 1984. The Museum had (likely still does) an amazing antique toy and doll collection. I had met John Noble and began doing restoration projects for him. (One was restoring an 1860's cream silk fashion doll's gown that they believed had been made by the house of Worth, but that's another story). John Noble was a leading museum curator and specifically was the curator of toys at the Museum of the City of New York. ''He was the foremost authority on dolls and toys in the world ...” according to Martha Longenecker, founder and president of the Mingei International Museum in San Diego. Mr. Noble found out that I was working on these dolls and wanted to see them. They were about to do an exhibit with a fairy tale theme. He liked them and asked if he could include them. They were exhibited for three months.

Description: Beauty is 17 1/2 inches tall and the Beast is 19 inches. Beauty's head, neck and bust, arms and legs to the knee are made of fired earthen ware as is the Beasts face. They were both very early sculpting projects and the earthenware gave a matte almost folk quality to them that I was going for. Their bodies are stuffed and wired cloth. Beauty is wearing a Cavalier style silk satin gown with tiny rhinestone beading, and applique. She has cream kid leather shoes. The Beast is wearing a black velvet doublet with black velvet breeches and a gun metal silver ruff. He has brown leather boots. They both come with their stands. I also made the boxes that contain them. I drew the design on the top that is only complete when the boxes are together.

They are very special.

Item# 127. Constance in Black Roses. CED Fashion doll. Early sample. Signed. $79.00 SOLD

Description: Constance Dance Card is wearing the Black Roses outfit and it looks great. The outfit includes black lace panties, black beaded lace pants, black lace top with beaded sleeves, black spandex and leather corset with red tie up the back. She has earrings, ring, necklace, black boots plus her custom black vase with black roses in it. There’s a lot to it.

Doug’s Comment: This is one more early sample Constance (all about the face paint and hair) and the last one that I have. You can see a subtle difference from the other Constance’s. Her earrings look white because they still have the protective tissue paper wrapping them.

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Item# 128. Gabby in West End Opening. Vinyl. Signed. $29.00 SOLD

Description: Vinyl West End Opening Gabby is complete in her box with jewelry, dress, hose, shoes, stand, handbag and theatre program.

Doug’s Comment: This Gabby is from our first line of 16 inch jointed vinyl Violett and Gabby dolls and she's wearing the West End Opening outfit. I really love the slightly oversized "glass" eyes of the vinyl Violett and Gabby dolls. They were meant to reference the resin BJDs but in a more playable and affordable way.


Item# 120. Gene outfit “Rain Song”. Signed certificate. $9.00 SOLD

A note: Doug also designed for the “Gene” doll. Especially early on. This is one of his outfits.

Doug’s Comment: The Gene outfit “Rain Song” has the pink rain coat, the grey gloves, the grey rain shoe covers, the newspaper, the signed certificate and a pair of sample Gene shoes.

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