Doug James’ Private Doll Collection

Item # 61. Portrait Claire, CED fashion doll, $95.00 SOLD

Doug’s Comment: Portrait Claire, the original Portrait Claire, was heavily inspired by the John Singer Sargent painting ultimately referred to as Madam X – a fascinating story which I won’t go into here but if you don’t know it, it’s worth looking up! There were differences from the painting, the color of the dress for instance, that I felt made a more beautiful doll. An amazing amount of hand work went into them. She’s a beautiful doll. This is the only one I have.

Outfit Description: Claire wears an 1880’s evening gown with tiny rhinestone straps. Under it she wears cream silk pantalettes and cream silk and lace petticoat with cream knit stockings. She has black silk pumps with satin bows and a black lace stole that trails to the floor. She has a “diamond” wedding ring and a black fragrant sandalwood fan and for her hair a crescent moon shaped rhinestone ornament.

Item #64. 16 1/2 inch Lady Luminous by the Japanese company Takara. $185.00 SOLD

Doug’s Comment: The Takara Lady Luminous was a revelation. She came before any of the adult fashion dolls we know now. She has a stationery body and her head is jointed as are her arms at the shoulder. She was a great size to sew and design for at the time being bigger than Barbie. She was ahead of Gene, Tonner and was probably the first in naturally proportioned adult fashion mannequins. She was only made in Japan for an eastern market. She was very hard to get in this country. With her simple face paint (I would love to see her repainted by one of our amazing repaint artists) and lovely sweet sculpt and real proportions she was jaw dropping at the time.

Outfit Description: This doll is wearing a micro pleated silk chiffon cocktail dress with chiffon stole, head band and matching shoes. The doll also comes with it’s original white wedding dress. I had small to medium sized pieces of very expensive custom pleated silk chiffon left from work I did for Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and it seemed perfect for a small dress. The dusty rose pink suits this Lady Luminous skin coloring beautifully.

#24. Sayer in “Royal Wedding”. “S” Series ball jointed and strung 19 inch resin doll. $525.00. SOLD


Doug’s Comments: Sayer in Royal Wedding has an amazingly detailed outfit that was inspired by the fabulous, sometimes over the top, clothes at William and Kate's wedding.  The topper, of course, for any English wedding is the hat. Hers is comparatively sedate of deep blue fine wool millinery felt.  Note: You may or may not know that Doug is also a well known theatrical milliner. He created and made the hats for “Royal Wedding” himself. 


Description: Sayer wears a black satin crepe skirt, cream silk blouse with pale peach design, blue corselette, dark blue hose, steel blue pumps with gold buckles and a matching hand bag with magnetic clasps. Her portrait collared coat is black satin with peach and blue horizontal figures and lined with the silk fabric of her blouse. She has a silver and bronze gold coin necklace, a silver ball bracelet and Swarovski crystal earrings. Her hat is a rich blue fur felt with an asymmetrical curled band on top held with a hat pin.

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Item #27. Cara in Baby Doll. (CED Fashion Doll) SOLD

Doug Comments: We did Baby Doll Cara as a very limited doll. Very limited dolls are always difficult because you’re putting in all the same effort of designing, making samples, finding fabrics and trims, etc., but selling very few of them. The advantage is that you can often use special fabrics and trims. In that way they can become very special. The leopard bodice and the black silk taffeta skirt of Baby Doll were both vintage fabrics of amazing quality. I would not have been able to use them anywhere else.

Outfit Description: Green eyed Cara has shoulder length honey brown hair with highlights. Her Baby Doll styled dress is black silk taffeta with a leopard print velveteen bodice. The bodice is lined with pink silk and has vintage pink sequins and beads decorating it. The dress is fully lined, closes with a tiny zipper and has a pink tulle petticoat. She has a matching black silk stole lined with pink satin and black platform shoes that lace up to her knee. She has a gold tiered necklace with gold coins and pink beads that tie with a deep pink organdy ribbon with a matching bracelet and earrings. Her black leatherette bag is lined, closes with a zipper and is decorated with hand done pink organdy rosettes and a gold chain handle woven with pink.